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Budgeting for a Guys Trip

Identifying a budget for a Guys Trip will most likely be one of the first things to think about… even if you’re not thinking about it specifically. Are you going to go all out? Hotel suite with 5-Star Restaurants and events that will bring in a high price tag? Or are you more comfortable staying in reasonable accommodations and grabbing food-on-the-go while you plan out your adventure? The full range and spectrum of Guys Trips can all be a blast, but it is important to know your budget before heading into the trip, or before you get too far along in planning.

In this article, we will provide our top recommendations when it comes to budgeting for an epic guys trip and help you to build momentum for great times that are just ahead!

What will the trip be? It's all about communication….

Since this is a Guys Trip, you are, most likely, not the only person taking into consideration how much to spend and what the goal of the trip will truly be. This is a team effort and requires communication. We know… communication isn’t always fun and can be hard to come across the way you want, but you need to talk to your fellow Guys and determine what some of the main goals for the trip will be. Do you have one guy that wants to spend $1,000’s on a hotel per night in a suite that could be listed on the Travel Channel Top 10? Or how about someone that would be happy splitting a 2 bedroom house with 10 other guys? The only way to find out what the budget for the trip will need to be is by starting conversations with the Guys.

Our Recommendation – Start a group chat with the Guys. Start chatting and brainstorming about what the trip will look like. This can be an open communication opportunity where it can be easy to share personal perspectives on the trip without feeling overly pressured.

Distance traveled, activities planned, food, and entertainment… These are all main points of consideration when starting to sketch out your budget for the trip. Each factor has a potential to pull your budget drastically in one direction or another, so it’s important to know which direction that will be going. Put together a quick spreadsheet, or just write down an outline on a scratch sheet of paper while you chug down a cold beer…. Whatever works for you, get it an outline of potential expenses in front of you- visually.

Planning Ahead vs. Winging It

Depending on the magnitude of your trip and the level of “Epicness” you are looking to bring to the table, you may need to plan further ahead than one week when building out your budget and saving. The further out you start talking about a Guys Trip, the easier it will be to build a savings and budget that is geared to ensuring great times ahead! If you are planning to travel for a guys trip, or anticipate a budget needed that would be greater than a full paycheck, we recommend starting to plan for the trip at least 6 months in advance. This gives you time to set aside funds each week, or month, to be able to give you some wiggle room as the trip approaches.

A long planning and savings process doesn’t always have to be the case, however. An Epic Guys Trip may be a quick weekend getaway to a spot close to home, or even just a few hours with the guys. This could be your “Just Winging It” fund that you have set aside in a sock drawer, or maybe throw the smaller expenses on the credit card to earn some rewards points, as long as you can pay it off quickly.

Our Recommendation – Check out your local Credit Union or Bank to get a secondary savings started. Each paycheck, set aside $20-50 . If you get paid bi-weekly, at the end of 1 year, you will have saved up to $1,300 that could be used for an Epic Guy Trip… you may even have enough money left over to build up some “brownie points” with your significant other….

Spending During The Trip

One of the most important things to remember when budgeting for a Guys Trip is what happens during the trip itself…. We’re not talking about the hugging of the porcelain God…. We’re talking about managing spending. By this time, you would have put in the effort to set your budget and put funds aside, so now it is time to stick to the plan. Be sure to use only the funds budgeted for the trip, so that you don’t have to get a 3rd job when you get home or sell a kidney….

Our Recommendation – Look at setting a daily spending limit on your debit card or credit card. Additionally, you can look at opening a secondary checking account that is specifically for Guys Trips-only, with it’s own debit card and funds access. This helps to keep your “Fun” money separate from your Bill money… we want your Guys Trip to be Epic, not a trip to debt….

Get planning, get budgeting, and get ready to have an Epic time with the Guys!


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