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Music City.... Let's go to Nashville

What is all the hype about Nashville? It feels like anytime someone recommends a trip away for the weekend, it’s always music city of the world, Nashville, Tennessee. But listen carefully boys, there is a bloody good reason why people are saying this, so If I was you, take their recommendation. Great music, great food, great bars (Honkey-Tonks), and great energy, Nashville is one of those unique places to head to when it’s time for your Guy’s Trip. This place has everything you need to keep yourself entertained for a few days; you can even drive around the city in the back of a massive army truck drinking the night away!

Look, if for some reason you need more convincing, it is currently the bachelorette capital of America. Enough said! So, sit back, grab yourself a glass of whiskey and learn a little more about the Music City.

Getting There:

You know what we love most about the airport in Nashville? There is no funny name to it, just Nashville International Airport. This is the most convenient way to get yourself and your party to Nashville. Located about 20 minutes outside of downtown Nashville, you won’t have any issues getting yourself to your hotel/accommodation.


Even though Nashville is a booming party spot, there isn’t a crazy number of affordable hotels. But not to worry, you know we will find you that good deal. If hotels in Nashville are what you want, we have broken it down into the most convenient locations for you and the ones we have really enjoyed staying in when we have been away in Nashville. Just remember, pretty much all the action in Nashville happens on Broadway:

Moxy Nashville Downtown: This is the ultimate value hotel in an absolute perfect location. For around $150/night you’re probably not going to find a better deal. A vibrant lobby area is the perfect place to kick start your night. We like to label this place as an upmarket hostel. You can that hostel vibe to it, but know when you get to your room, it will just be you! You’re literally a one-minute work to Broadway and all that Nashville has to offer….and that’s that!

Tru by Hilton: Depending on when you travel, you can get a great deal at the Tru by Hilton for around $100/night. This upbeat and fun hotel has a great party atmosphere to it (a lot of the Nashville hotels have this feel). Located a few blocks off Broadway, you have a little more of a walk to get to the action, but that’s not a big issue. Surrounded by other restaurants and bars, there is plenty to keep you entertained within proximity.

Hilton Downtown: This property is in a similar location to the Moxy. You’re right on top of Broadway, so only a few steps away from the action. A little pricier at around $200/night, this will give you more of a luxury experience when visiting Nashville. It won’t be your traditional party hotel, but it still has a great vibe to it with a lot of groups staying here for a weekend away!

As good and convenient as hotels are, we honestly think the best way to go is to rent an apartment of house through Airbnb. There are thousands of options for you and your group in downtown Nashville. We just love the idea of having a centralized place where you can kick of your days and evenings. We have had a lot of people tell us they’ll book a 2/3-bedroom apartment somewhere and a few friends will book hotel rooms close by. That way you can all have a place to meet up and everyone has a bed. We love it! Airbnb’s can range from anywhere between $150-1000 per night! Like always, play around with your dates a little and book in advance to help get that good deal!

Getting Around:

As everything is centralized in downtown Nashville, getting around is super convenient! As in many major cities nowadays, you will see many scooter companies such as Bird and Lime. This is a great way to get around town and is relatively cheap. Just make sure you haven’t had too many drinks when you jump on that scooter! If it is one of those days when you’re just too hungover to walk or even scooter, Lyft and Uber are the way to go. I honestly think it’s one of the best cities in the world for an Uber. It feels like the wait time is literally 10 seconds before your ride pops up at your hotel. Look, we aren’t wasting too much time on this section. You’re all big boys, you can figure out how to jump in a uber or ride a scooter!

Bars and Restaurants:

Ok, this is when I am worried my fingers are going to start cramping. I could literally type for hours about the best spots to go in Nashville, it is endless! All the bars, or as they call them in Nashville, ‘Honky Tonk’s, are centralized around the main strip, Broadway. After spending some time in Vegas, I can honestly say I had a great time in every single one of them. Here are a couple of options for you when roaming up and down Broadway:

- Honky Tonk Central: Head here in the early afternoon, grab yourself a table right by the windows and sit back and enjoy everything Nashville has to offer. One thing about this place, the party never stops, and you’ll have an absolute blast of a time. We have noticed it seems to be a more popular sport for the college kids, you take that in what ever way you want! Just be prepared, as the sun goes down, this place gets extremely popular!

- Layla’s Honky Tonk: This smaller honky tonk has a great vibe to it. Decorated with thousands license plates from all over the world, always great music and the food and drink is top notch for a small bar like this. Make sure to check out some of there amazing shooters, our favorite here at The Guys Trip is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

- Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk: One of the bigger Honky Tonk located on Broadway, this place has several different bars, including an awesome roof top area. One thing that makes this place stand out is the variety of different music throughout the venue. If you’re not loving a certain type, jump in the elevator and head to a new floor to have a completely different feel!

A unique feature of a lot of these bars are the rooftop decks. Is there anything better than sitting on a rooftop deck with some sunshine and listening to some great country music? We didn’t think so. No descriptions needed for these ones, just a few great bars to sit back and relax in while soaking in all that Nashville has to offer

- The lookout at Ole Red

- Nashville Underground

- The Valentine

One thing we notice when we head to Nashville is don’t expect to hit 10 bars in one night. This is a good thing, you will find a place you love and you will just spend endless hours drinking away, listening to great music and generally having a great time with hundreds of random people!

Printer’s Alley is a much visit place when in Nashville! This little gem of a street a few blocks off of Broadway has a bunch of bars that offer live music and great drink specials. The venues are a lot smaller but every single one of them have a great atmosphere. One of the best things about the bars, as its off Broadway, drinks are 4 or 5 dollars cheaper than Broadway. We love that!

We will leave it at that for the bars. Now we have our bellies filled with liquor, we need to talk about some food options. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with anywhere you eat. All the options are there, but you got to eat what Nashville specializes in – BBQ and Hot Chicken. For your hot chicken, we recommend ‘Party Fowl’. Offering more of a full-service restaurant experience than most other hot chicken purveyors, Party Fowl’s menu has a little bit of everything, including its signature hot chicken dishes, with heat levels ranging from traditional Southern fried to the “Poultrygeist,” the restaurant hottest. Just a short drive from downtown, this place is worth checking out

For some quality BBQ, go check out Martins Bar-B-Que joint. A short stroll from downtown, this place has a great restaurant but and even better beer garden. The brisket is some of the best we have had, and this place will hit the spot for all your BBQ needs!

Other Activities Beside Drinking and Eating:

It is always great to plan some extra activities for the group when on a guy’s trip. As much as we all think we can just sit in a bar and drink all day and night, it’s probably best to get out there and try something new. One thing Tennessee is famous for is great whiskey. So, let’s use this to our advantage Head on over to Corsair Distillery Headquarters and give one of their tours and tastings a go! The great part about this distillery is that they always make their own Gin, so you get the best of both worlds.

You know here at Guys Trip we love us some Top Golf. Well guess what, Nashville is the proud owner of one and why not take advantage of that. Just remember, the greatest thing about Top Golf is you don’t have to be an avid golfer to have a great time. Don’t believe me, once we went to Top Golf with some friends and my wife absolutely hates everything about golf. After we left, the only thing she was talking about for the rest of the trip was how much she loved Top Golf and wanted to go back. Enough said!

Catch up Predators game at Bridgestone Arena. These guys know how to put on a show and the stadium is literally smack bang in the middle of Broadway. The atmosphere is always great on game day, as the business street fills with hockey fans! Inside the stadium you really can’t find a bad seat, and the crowd knows how to get involved. Even better, plan a trip with the boys around your team playing in Nashville. Once the game is done, stumble out onto Broadway and let night roll on!

There is something we heard about last time we were in town, and we had to give it a try. Head to Germantown and specifically to Von Elrod’s Beer Hall and Kitchen for a Stein holding contest. So, you think you have the biggest guns of your crew? You and your buddies can go stein-to-stein to see who can hold the five-pound liter of beer in front of them at shoulder level the longest. Don’t spill, don’t bend, and keep parallel to win. This place is also just a fun place to hang out, drink, and eat. Look we know we said activities to do when you’re not eating and drinking, but technically you’re getting a little workout while doing this?

Wrapping it all up

Here at Guys Trip, you know we believe in you having a good time. A trip to Nashville will give you exactly that. Great nightlife, great food and great drinks will keep you busy for your entire trip. Heck, if you’re looking for a quiet weekend away with the guys, this ain’t your place! If you’re looking for a non-stop, exhausting weekend with your buddies – book your flights to Nashville now! Well…. That’s a wrap. Remember, ‘we ain’t here to fuck spiders’, so round up the boys and book that guys trip to Nashville.


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