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Vegas.... Baby!!!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

You’re out having a few drinks when one of your buddies brings up the idea of a guy’s trip. Who’s going to disagree with that? I’ll wait…… NO ONE. So now, the big question - Where do you go? One of the most popular answers is the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas! From the bars, clubs, gambling, endless entertainment, great food, and amazing activities, how can you look past the fabulous city of Las Vegas. No matter the time of year, you are sure to make some great memories while visiting Las Vegas. Sit back and enjoy our full review of the Sin City with all our tips and recommendations for sorting out the epic guy’s trip

Getting There

The most important part of the trip, arriving at the destination. Flying into Vegas is one of the easiest trips you will do. The great thing about the strip is that it is only located a few miles away from Harry Reid International Airport. Grab your bags, put a quick bet on the slots and jump in a taxi. You’ll be getting that trip going right away. Here at Guys Trip, we tend to book flights around 6 months in advance. You can snag some great deals if you hold off, but as COVID restrictions are easing off around the country, Vegas is becoming an extremely population once again, which is limiting the number of cheap seats. The big way to save some money is to travel during the week. Flights and accommodation can be half the price if your able to make this work. But remember, to get that real Vegas experience, the weekends are always a little crazier.

Driving to Vegas is going to be an easy option for a lot of people. This is obviously a personal choice but remember having a car once you’re in Las Vegas can be pointless. Depending on where you stay, overnight parking will be charged as well as Valet fees. Most of the time you’re on your feet in Vegas and if there is a need to get in a car, you can find a Taxi or Uber in no time!


This will be the toughest decision you’ll have to make. But don’t stress, that’s what we are here for. Vegas can cater for everyone, from presidential suites to penthouses, superior rooms, and standard rooms. Every group going to Vegas has different budgets and needs, so we are going to break up the accommodation into several different options.

‘We want to be a tight ass’ accommodation:

If you’re planning on spending as little time as possible in your room, this is the way to go! The great part of having so many options is Vegas, is that you’re likely to be able to find a cheap room somewhere. We always recommend being on the strip. A lot of off strip hotels will offer cheap rates and no resort fees, but then you’ll have to pay for an uber every time you want to go somewhere. It all adds up! For great budget hotels on the strip, we recommend:

- The Flamingo: Don’t let those pink colors scare you off. This is one of the original hotels situated in the heart of the Vegas Strip. Walk out the front door and you got Caesars Palace, Bellagio, Paris, and The Mirage, all within walking distance. With many restaurants to choose from for a quick bite to eat, as well as a great casino and one of the best pools in Vegas, you can’t go wrong with the Flamingo. Rates here can be as low as $29 a night for a standard room midweek, but we found some weekends for around $70 a night. Make sure you check out our ‘Best suites in Vegas’ blog for some stylish option in the Flamingo. We always recommend sharing rooms if you’re really trying to save money. I mean, who can go wrong with a double room at the flamingo for $25 each a night?

- Park MGM: One of the newly renovated hotels on the strip (previously the Monte Carlo hotel) is a great, affordable option when in Vegas. Conveniently located near the T-Mobile arena, this is a perfect place to stay when you’re catching a hockey game of fight at the venue. With double rooms starting at around $70 a night, this is a extremely affordable hotel with everything you need right on the Strip!

- Luxor: Who doesn’t want to get wasted and stay in a massive pyramid? I mean how cool is that! This is what you get at the Luxor Hotel, the opportunity to live like an Egyptian King. But on a serious note, the rooms are crazy cheap (50 bucks a night) and its super close to the new Allegiant Stadium which is a plus. If you’re around during the football season they have these awesome tailgate parties at the resort! A must to check out!

The ‘not so tight ass’ accommodation:

This is the category we love best. Somewhere between the $100-200 area per person per night. This allows you do potential step into the suite lifestyle of Vegas. Alternatively, you can look at booking some regular rooms at some more higher end hotels. Here is a list of a few of our favorites at this price point:

- Marriot Grand Chateau: This place is an absolute gem of a property. Located a block back off the strip, right across the road from Planet Hollywood. This is strictly a hotel property, no casino, but that is where the value comes into it. You can get 2- and 3-bedroom suites, with a full kitchen and entertaining area for you and all your friends. This gives you a great place to have a few drinks before hitting the town! Price point for this hotel ranges from $300-500 for a two-bedroom suite (which can sleep up to 6 people). Absolute steal if you ask me. Oh, did I mention you are only a 5-minute work to one of the greatest Vegas attractions, Top Golf. More on that later!

- Caesars Palace: The Hangover. What else do we need to say? the film that probably inspired all of us guys to head to Vegas for an epic weekend away. So why not live in the footsteps and spend a few nights a Caesars Palace. Now, I think the Penthouse suites may be a little out budget for this category, but the standard rooms are quite affordable. For around $150 and up and night, you can have a double queen room for the two of you. Not too shabby at all. In terms of location, you can’t beat Caesars. Smack bang in the center of the strip, you’re an easy walk to any of the main casinos and bars! Oh, if you like a sneaky bet any sports, make sure you check out the Sportsbook inside the casino. Great place to watch the games with an incredible atmosphere!

- MGM Grand: The largest casino in Vegas will give you everything you can possibly dream of. From a never-ending casino floor, shows, restaurants, top golf and poker rooms, this casino is a perfect set up for you guys’ trip! The rates are extremely affordable, with rooms being as low as $89 over weekend periods. Once again, plan ahead! You can always find great deals in advance if you keep and eye out on those prices.

We’re going all out accommodation:

This type of stuff we dream about and honestly it is not a completely crazy idea. The tough part about suites in the main casino is that they’re usually only two bedrooms and a few beds, which doesn’t help a larger group. But there are many options, to allow you to celebrate your Guys Trip in exceptional style.

- Aria Sky Suites: The ultimate luxury experience that won’t completed empty your bank accounts. Aria Hotel is located right in the middle of the strip behind the cosmopolitan. In terms of location, you can beat it! The Aria Sky Suites are top of the line 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom suites will all the amenities you need. From personal assistants to luxury transportation from the airport, you will kick off the trip in the right way in one of these suites. Now, the most important part… How much are you going to lose on a suite like this. Two-bedroom sky suites on a weekend in Vegas will come in around $1200 a night. You may find some deals to get it a little cheaper, but when splitting between 4 or 5 friends it isn’t too bad of a deal.

- Planet Hollywood:

- Caesars Forum Duplex Penthouse:


What’s the obvious thing to do when you’re in Vegas? Gamble of course! Now before I go on anymore, you can look any direction and find a spot to place a bet on roulette or your favorite sporting team. But what we our going to talk about here, is the best casinos to game for atmosphere and value. Long gone are the days where you can find a $5 blackjack table on the strip…. But $10 will do right? We love hanging out at the new Park MGM (previously the Monte Carlo) on the $10 blackjack tables. Drink service is good, and the atmosphere is always great. Another advantage, or disadvantage, is that it is a smoke free casino!

If you’re looking for the cheapest tables on the strip (well technically just off the strip) head to the AYO Hotel (formally Hooters) for some $1 blackjack and 50 cent roulette. This hotel is just opposite the MGM Grand and we absolutely love it. Always a fun crowd, the smaller hotel has a great energy to it and the best part – Drinks, drinks drinks. Sit down and play some $1 blackjack and enjoy those complimentary drinks coming round every 15 minutes. This is an awesome place to start the night. Gambling, drinks, and wings from Hooters. Can you get any better than that?

Here’s an idea not many of us think about when in Vegas. Bingo. That’s right, Bingo! Jump in a taxi and head on over to the Gold Coast Casino (short drive from the strip) and join those oldies in a few games on bingo. The entertainment you’ll get over the next hour of play will be one you remember. Let the computer do the work for you and make sure you’re ready to scream out BINGO when your lucky numbers pop up. Trust us, you’ll have a blast!

Bars and Restaurants

The hardest part about a trip to Vegas with the guys is finding a good place to eat and drink…… We’re just joking. Vegas has the greatest number of restaurants per square foot in the world, that might not be entirely true, but you never know! No matter what you’re graving to eat, you’ll find it in Vegas! Here are a few of our favorites:

Hatties B’s Hot Chicken: This is classic chicken joint originating from Nashville (you know its going to be good if it comes from Nashville). It is located in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and you can meet all your deep friend chicken needs at Hatties B’s, from there famous ‘hot chicken’ to regular spice. If you’re up for a real challenge, give the ‘Shut the cluck up” heat a go. As the waiter told me, it is bound to burn your face off. I chose to steer clear, but a friend decided to give it a go. Let’s just say it the night didn’t end up to well!

Din Tai Fung: This is one of our all-time favorite places to eat in Vegas. A famous Taiwanese restaurant specializing in dumplings and noodles. Everything on the menu at Dai Tai Fung will make your mouth water and it’s a perfect place to go with a group and you can order the entire menu and share it around the table. An absolute must check out!

Hash House A Go Go:

Regarding bars, they’re everywhere. But we recommend finding yourself a table or slot machine to sit at and enjoy those free drinks. A standard whiskey or beer could cost you over $18 at bars throughout the casinos. That’s a hard no from us!

Activities in and around Vegas.... When you're not drinking and gambling

All there is to do in Vegas in drink and gamble!! Said no one ever. You will be absolutely amazed with the extracurricular activities in and around Vegas. One option which is a great idea of your guy’s trip is a round of golf! Heck, you may not even be able to hit a golf ball, but we guarantee you’ll enjoy a round of golf. Vegas has literally hundreds of course courses surrounding the city ranging from cheap to damn right ridiculously expensive (If you’re feeling like splashing some cash, check out the wynn golf course for $1000 a round). Here at Guys Trip, we have a couple of favorites that will fit your budget:

-Revere Golf Club: This course is in Henderson, about a 20 min drive south of Las Vegas. An absolute stunning facility, which sits up on a hill overlooking the Vegas strip. The course itself is sensational. Consisting of two course, Lexington and Concorde, this venue is a real treat to play. Lush fairways, fast greens and cart girls that will keep you hydrated throughout the round

-Top Golf: Now, I know we have already mentioned golf, but this is a truly amazing venue – even if you’ve never played golf before. The whole idea of Top Golf is like a nightclub bowling alley, where you play golf. Makes sense, right? You get a bay for up to 6 people and play some fun golf games, including Angry Birds! You will have your own waitress who bring you any food and drink you want and we promise you’ll have a great night out!

There is obviously more to do in Vegas from golf. From hilarious comedy clubs and show, destroying cars or shooting guns, there is going to be something you’ll find to do to keep yourself entertained. But who doesn’t love sport, and we believe this is a must when visiting Vegas:

-Hit up a Raiders or Knights game: This is one of the greatest things to happen to the city of Las Vegas. For so long, Vegas would be the place you went with your buddies to watch big sporting games at the bars. Now, you can actually go see your favorite team in Vegas. How good is that? The Vegas Golden Knights has one of coolest atmosphere in Hockey (think Hockey meets a Vegas show type thing) and the new Allegiant stadium is a sweet place to watch a football game.

Wrapping Things Up

There really isn’t much more to say. It is quite simple. A Vegas trip with the boys in an absolute must. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is to convince your significant other to let you go. But hey, remember you could just tell them you’re spending a quiet weekend away at a winery with no cell signal. From the moment you get off that plane, to the first bet you lose on the roulette table, you’re going to absolutely love your trip to Vegas. Just remember guys, ‘we ain’t here to fuck spiders’, so go have some fun in Vegas!


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